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1942-43 Torch Yearbook

Pages 1 -124

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Click on this attachment to download the complete PFD file of the 1942-43 Torch Yearbook

The Torch Yearbook


Michael Rachlis, son of Harry and Ruth (nee Promislow) Rachlis (Students1941-44) recently donated a package to the St John's Archives. Harry was the Editor-in-Chief of the 1943 Torch Yearbook. The package contained six copies of the 1943 Torch and all of the information related to the  operations and layout of the final product. It also included many of the original photos used. Yearbooks are a valuable resource for the information included gives us a lesson of the history of the school times. Thank you for this wonderful gift to the school archives.


Back Row:   Jack Basovsky, Jack Shapira, Gordon Pullan, Sam Kare, Walter Krawchuk, John Melnick, Mr. Reeve

Middle Row:  Jerry Pinto, Dorothy Toyer, Mona Karr, Be a Schatz, Ruth Promislow, Judith Rolf, Edward Bodner

Front Row: Esther Dolgin, Jocelyn Gold, Harry Rachlis (Editor), Bernie Ostry, Cecille Margolis, Clarice Marantz


Mr. G.J. Reeve, M.A.

St. John's High

Teacher 1913-14; 1915-25

Principal 1925-1952


War Work Committee


Back Row: Morley Zipursky, Edward Bodner

Middle Row: Mr. Reeve, Miss Owens, Perle Soudack

Front Row: Genevieve Hudon, Ralph Levene (Chairman)

Adeline Attamanchuk

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