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Alumni News 2022

Aron Katz Memorial Plaque

On August 16th, representatives of the Class of 1969 met at St. John's to unveil

the Aron Katz Memorial Plaque located on the Alumni Wall.

In 2021, the Aron Katz Memorial Scholarship was established

and presented to Kyla Raizen-Moar and in 2022 Ian Borillo was the scholarship recipient. 

Aron Katz Memorial Plaque.jpg

Class of 1969 Members

L-R Gerald Minuk, Reid Linney, Helen Ptasznik, Gerri Hale, Brian Postl, David Manusow

Bob Steinberg, & Wayne Rosen

Reid Linney Class of 1969

Congratulations to Reid Linney (class of ’69) on the success of his first novel in the Pyrate series, “Pyrate Rising” - named a 2021 Page Turner Writing Award Finalist and #1 New Seller in a Teen/YA Fiction category on

The next books in the series are “Pyrate Assassin” (also a 2021 Page Turner Awards Finalist), 'Pyrate Crossover' (2022 Page Turner Writing Award) and 'Pyrate: Black Flag'.

Reidr Daniels.jpg
Pyrate Rising.jpg

Here's a formal summary description of Pyrate Rising...

 Getting into Ritchfield Academy promises a bright future, but instead opens a haunting path. When a classmate is sexually assaulted, Garret Connachan understands instinctively that coming to her aid is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, noble intentions shatter the future into fragmented shards. Soon discarded into a world of marauding, treasure-hunting pirates led by legendary Captain Drake, Connachan strives to earn respect by taking the lead in scorching battles. A deeply hidden truth, however, threatens to unravel Garret’s very existence. 
A 2021 Page Turner Writing Award Finalist
#1 New Seller in a Teen/YA Fiction category on

 It's a coming-of-age story aimed at both male and female audiences.

Though set in the 16th/17th centuries, the challenges Garret Connachan faces mirror those that people face even today. So there are life lessons and leadership lessons woven into the writing. The major events in the novel are actual historical events in the life of Sir Francis Drake. England considered him a hero. Spain called him 'El Draque' (the Dragon') and considered him a pirate.


This is the debut novel in my "Pyrate Series" of novels.  The next two, 'Pyrate Assassin' and 'Pyrate Crossover', are coming soon. 

The fourth, 'Pyrate: Black Flag', is being written as we speak.

Paul Rabliaskas Class of 2002

 An excerpt from the Winnipeg Free Press
Saturday June 11, 2022 article "CTV, Crave lean heavy into Canadian productions"
A TV show starring Paul Rabliauskas is upcoming!        Congratulations,Paul!

Paul Rabliaskas 1996-2002.jpg
Lou Bernstein.jpg
Chris Walby.jpg

Alumni in the News

Two Tiger football stars were inducted into the Manitoba Football Hall of Fame this July.  


Lou Bernstein (1941-44) is also a member of the Winnipeg High School Football League Hall of Fame. He played his college ball at the U of M. Lou passed away in March 2019.


Chris Walby (1968-74) is arguably the greatest lineman in Canadian Football League history. A 16-year vet, he was a nine-time CFL All-Star, was twice named the league’s Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman and was part of Grey Cup championship teams in 1984 and 1999.

John Paskievich Class of 1965

Hello friends and colleagues

I’m doing a presentation, see below, in conjunction with Pollock’s Hardware 100th anniversary celebration.

Ill be showing North End photos, old and recent, as well as work I did in the former Soviet Union, Communist Eastern Europe, the Canadian Arctic and other places.

Hope you can make it down.


About this event

In honour of Pollock's 100th Anniversary, we're hosting a Speakers Series on the history of the North End of Winnipeg and Pollock's role within it. Join us for the second event of the Speakers Series on May 10, 2022. 

John Paskievich's photographs of the North End are iconic. We're thrilled to have him present photos celebrating the vibrancy and mythology of Winnipeg. This event is held in partnership with St. John's Library. 

Presenters' books, Pollock's 100th Anniversary items available for sale. 

Lectures are FREE to the public! Doors open at 6:30pm, lecture begins at 7:00pm 

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