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Peter Press Photo Tribute
Press, Peter - Jooly Good Roast Retirement Dinner .jpg
Press, P & M -Jolly Good Roast Retirement.jpg

Peter's Jolly Good Roast Retirement  Dinner 1989

Peter and wife Maggie

Outdoor Ed Experiences
Peter - Rainbow Falls RMT 1981.jpeg
Peter - Warming for the Hike - RMT 1981 .jpeg

Rocky Mountain Trip 1981

Peter - In his Element RMT 1981.jpeg
Peter and Gerry - Morgan Lake - 1980's_e

Morgan Lake, Ont. Canoe Trip 1980's

Peter - Morgan Lake 1980's.jpeg
Rugby Team 1977.jpg

If you have any photos you wish to add to this page please send in . jpg format with information to


Some of these new pictures will be replaced with better quality ones ASAP

Thank you Rick And Linda Romsa for the pictures.

Gosport Guests.jpg
Peter 2.jpg
With The Boys.jpg
Peter - Hall of Fame.jpg
Hall of Fame Builder.jpg
Peter 3.jpg
Peter Press 1929-2023
St. John's 1968-89
Peter, Michael Press.jpg
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