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Celebrating Our Alumni

Our Nonagenarians!

Alumni in their 90's

Len "Kroppy" Kropioski


Winnipeg Jets Fan

In Memoriam

Len "Kroppy" Kropioski


St. John's 1936-37

Sophie (nee Bartnicki) and George Romanowski 

(now married for 66 years)

Sophie attended St. John's 1948-49. George was born in 1924. He attended St. John's 1946-47. He was born in Poland. During the invasion by the Soviets in 1939 he was taken prisoner and taught auto mechanics by the Soviet regime. When the Polish Army was to be formed by Britain in Iraq he walked with many thousand of newly released Poles through Asia to Iraq where many were trained by the British Army and formed the Polish Corps. George took part in the invasion of Italy and fought at Monte Cassino where the Canadian Army was also involved. He was wounded twice. He later came to Canada where he  worked in sales and then started his won auto repair garage. He and Sophie married in 1951.  He has had a long and healthy retirement with activity in both his church and Winnipeg's Polish community. 

Ron is now a nonagenarian.

Our Centenarian

Alumni in their 100's

Katharine (nee Ruccius) Weber


106 years

Sadly Katharine passed away on July 11, 2017 at 108 years young.

Do you have relatives that attended St. John's and are in their 90's or 100's?

Please send in your pictures and alumni stories so that we can include them on this page


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