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Class of '86 Get Together

On June 11, 2016, some of the 1986 alumni gathered at Tavern United at Garden City invited by Paula (Slobodian) Havixbeck and Tracey (Gilbertson) Solylo. It was great to see everyone and share memories of the good old days. Also attending were staff members Chris Dewar (Librarian), Larry Burdeny (Art), Sheldon Mindell (Guidence) and Sue Gibb (Phys Ed.)

Paula Havixbeck, Tracy Solylo, Andrea Masi
Rick Klingbell & Chris Shepel
    Andrea Masi  & Suzanne (Montgomery) Knowles
The Group
Gina Lewis -Clarke, Sheldon Mindell, Brad Coates, Paula Havixbeck, Rick Klingbell, Suzanne Knowles,
Joe Cabral, Mirell Frolek (X-84), David Fyfe, Richard Petri, 
Kevin Marshall, AndreaMasi, Tracey Solylo, Trevor Holroyd, Chris Shepel
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