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Staff  Memorials

In memory of Dennis Pelisek
Student (1962-65); Staff (1970-94)

St John's High School Alumni,

We are sorry to have to announce the passing of a well loved teacher from St John's. Dennis Pelisek died November 6th (AM). Many will remember him from Junior High Social Studies, or high school Geography; he also coached both male and female freshman basketball for years. He will be sadly missed.

STJHS  1991-1992.jpg

Thank you Frank Unger for this contribution

 We are sad to report the passing of the following former St. John's staff members

in 2020 & 2021.

Wally Holowka (1962-1998) June 18, 2021

Gary Grubert (1990-1995) May 5, 2021


George Bates (1973-1996)

Forbes George (1971-2001)

Willa Keith (1972-1997)

David Kolotylo  (1993-2000)

Brenda Kolson

Alf Laser (1963-1986)

Bill March (1980-86)

Christine Penner (2004-2009)

Marion Widlake (1993-2000)

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