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1977 Rugby Team & Andrew Jackson 

Manitoba Rugby Hall of Fame Induction

October 13, 2017

Can you identify the players then & now?
Some of the players visited St. John's on October 13, 2017
U.K. Rugby Tour Group 1977

Back Row: Dale Johnston, Brian Marchak, George Smith, Markus Van Wyk, Andrew Jackson, Frank Cazzorla , Ron Langford, Mr. Mutchmor (Principal), Romeo Di Girolamo

Middle: Jack Miller, Rick Romanowski, Ron Bennett, Stu Carmichael, Don Grant, Rob Majdell

Front Row: Rick Fredrickson, Ihor Holowczynsky, Ed Weedmark, Ray Skett (Coach), Rick Romsa, Peter Press (Coach),

Rob Penner, Alfie Plantz, Arnie Majdell,

Seated: Harry Robertson, John Keith, David Felske, Doug Tesluck (Missing: George Seidel)

Visiting St. John's High

On the afternoon of October 3, 2017, a group of players from the 1977 Rugby Team visited St.John's High and were introduced to a group of St. John's student athletes and staff. Ms. Sue Gibb former Phys. Ed teacher had the honour of presenting the team to the students. Rick Romsa, the team captain, shared a story of his St. John's experiences and then introduced the rest of the team. A number of the players addressed the group and had some heartfelt words expressing gratitude for their teachers and coaches who believed in them and helped shape their successes and futures. 

Rick Romsa                      Ron Langford

Andrew Jackson

"Our high school journey would not have been as memorable for us, had it not been for the dedication of the commitment of the teachers and administration."


"Led by Mr. Mutchmor and a teaching staff that was tough but kind, who taught us that growing up in the North End should not limit your expectations or yourself.  To dream, to believe, to have a positive attitude, be disciplined, and most of all work hard. All characteristics that you will need once you graduate." 


"We are proud St. John's Alumni,  proud of our school's history, and honoured to stand before you today."        

                       George Seidel

"... the real St. John's is in the North End

Starting in High School and to this day, this attitude made me try harder, fight for my school, my North End.

And I knew that I had my Brothers and Sisters beside me.

What St. John's did for me was help pave the way for My future.

St. John's gave me a Great Education, gave me my wife and a lifelong support system,

Just one more thing, Young Ladies and Gentlemen, you get back what you put into it.

Good Luck in Your Future."

                                     Rick Romsa

"Thank you for this special day.

In time...when you get to be our age...

you will reflect and appreciate what this day means to us!

It's not often that your high school friends and teammates can visit their alma mater Forty years after graduation in recognition of something we did together.. at your age."                 

                                    Andrew Jackson

George Seidel 

Alfie Plantz

Honouring Rick Fredrickson with his photo and memorial

Football Trophy

Don Grant

Ed Weedmark

Dale Johnston

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