Honouring Our Veterans

 The Archive Group are continuing to work on a project to compile information on the St. John's servicemen and women who served in the First and Second World Wars. We have a scrapbook of newspaper clippings from WWII collected by teacher Miss Eileen McCord who taught from 1925-1957. It has been very valuable resource, as well as our collection of graduation programs and yearbooks. 

We are also currently working on a Remembrance Day video to honour the history of St. John's and the St. John's veterans who served in WWI and WWII. It will be shown in November to the students of St. John's and we hope to include it on this website.

If any alumni, have connections to a relative that served in the past or  more recently and have any information that would contribute to our project please contact Sue at susangibb7@gmail.com

Remembrance Day

On November 11, we honour our fallen veterans

of WWI, WWII and recognize all St. John's Alumni who have served our country.

The Military hallway along Powers Street displays the memorials of those who died in these conflicts. There are also framed plaques listing the names of most of the servicemen and women who served in WWII.

WWI In Loving Memory Plaque.JPG
WWII Left Side.JPG
WWII Right Side.JPG
STJHS Rememberance Day Painting.jpg

Painting by Zenon Pohorecky

a St. John's student who won First place

It is shown in the 1945-46 yearbook on page77

The pictures below are framed  lists of the St. John's men and women alumni who volunteered for active service during WWII. We are in the process of alphabetizing the names and  attempting to find out when they attended St. John's. 

More information to be added soon.