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Alumni Pins

Alumni pins are available for purchase in the main office at St. John's High School for $5.00.
(extra costs for mailing)
Contact: for purchase information.

History of the Alumni Pins

The Alumni Association sponsored a contest for students, challenging them to create an alumni pin that would represent the "old" and the "new"school in the design. Three graduating students submitted their designs and the alumni committee rewarded them with gift certificates to Cre8ery Art Supplies run by a former alumnus Shawn Berard.

The students were awarded their prize at a assembly of their peers.

Nadia Fastabend, S. Gibb (presenter), Erica Ominga, Shontal Skrabek

The design was submitted for production and needed to be revised due to size and colour restrictions and the Alumni Association was proud to present the following Alumni Pin to the graduating class of 2013 at the convocation on June 27th.
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