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Class of 1968 - 50th Reunion

  Friday Afternoon,
June 15th, 2018
St. John's High School Library
There were 36 alumni attending the 60's Decade event. 
(See list of participants below)

1968 Reunion

The Jewish Post & News

St. John's High Class of '68 Celebrates 50th Reunion

By Sharon Love

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Thank you to Maui, Marielle and Pich, Graduating Students who were the welcoming committee and tour guides to the library 

Also thank you to Alumni Committee members Greg Woloszyn (class of 1967), Brittany Smotryki (class of 2009) and Sue Gibb (staff 1975-2009), who were responsible for the display.

List of Participants

Anne (Berenhaut) Hoffman, Barbara Berenhaut, Gregory Berko, Bob Bryk,

Janice & Keith Campbell, Barry Colby, Audrey & Lorne DeJaeger,

Janis (Dembicki) Hanec, Cy Fien, Barry Flom, Irene & Les Henschel,

Darlene Hrynchyshyn, Linda Irwin, Richard Jackiw, George Jarub,

Eleanor (Sniezek) & Dennis Kozier, Sharon Love,

Carmen (Kostaniuk) Ostermann & Herbert Ostermann, Frances Podlesicki,

Vicki (Masrk) Ponomets, Katherine (Penshyshyn?) & Claude Richard, Tony Prosick,

Caroline Rickey, Jessie Sawicz (Class of 1969), Ian Schaefer, Barbara Schell, Brian Segal, Bella (Sapoznik) Ben-Ari, Val Stocki (Class of 1969), Harry Szkwarek, Linda Zelinsky 

(I apologize for misspelling of names, not including a maiden name or missing anyone

- if there are any corrections to be made or additional pictures that can be added,

 please email me at

Thanks to all for a great afternoon!

More Pictures from the Library Event

Janice Dembicki and Janice Guyda

Carolyn Rickey and Gregory Berko (photographer)

Jessie Sawicz and Harry Szkwarek

Bella Sapoznick & Mr. H. Ostermann

Barry Flom and Ian Schaefer

Sharon Love and Barry Flom

George Jacob, Eleanor Sniezak, Carolyn Rickey, Linda Irwin

Saturday Banquet, June 16th, 2018

Canad Inn, Polo Park

Barbara Mark, Paul Budnick, Elaine Doskoch

Linda Zelinski, Audrey Peaches

George Jacob, Cy Fien, Irene Letendre, Steve Snow, Carolyn Rickey

Vicky Masyk, Greg Berko, Janice Dembicki

Davis Freedman, Carolyn Rickey

Cy Fien, Paul Budnick, Barry Floam, Ian Schaefer, Brian Segal

Standing: Darlene Botan, Eleanor Sniezak, Janice Dembicki, Kathy Panchyshyn, Linda Zelinski

        Audrey Peaches, Frances Mankiewicz, Linda Irwin

Seated: Sharon Love, Luba Fedorkiw, Carolyn Rickey, Irene Letendre

Barry Flom, Carolyn Rickey,

Ian Schaefer, Brian Segal

Kathy Panchyshyn, Luba Fedorkiw, Eleanor Sniezak, Linda Irwin

Sunday Brunch,

June 17th, 2018

Canad Inn, Polo Park

Kathy Panchyshyn, Harry Szkwarek, George Gaba & spouse

Barbara Mrak, Darlene Botan, Jessie Sawicz

Paul Budnick, Ivan Michalchyshyn, Barry Flom

Darlene Botan, Carolyn Rickey, Luba Fedorkiw

Darlene Botan, Carolyn Rickey

Banquet  3 Group Shots - by the Grumpy Old Man from Calgary Greg Berko

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