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St John’s Class of 1976 Reunion

Below are some pictures of the goings on at our small gathering on November 3rd/2016, St John’s high School class of 1976. I have been promised more, but they have yet to come. Below the pictures is a list matching the photos with numbers on who is who. I am assuming, they are right since some actually forgot the names of a number of people. I will collect as many as possible and send the best ones out at a later date. I am assuming everyone had a great time. Let me know if corrections are needed. The group attachment is not for the faint of heart, we partied (I edited a great deal out).

 I wish everyone well and keep in touch, it is always wonderful to hear from you. Frank 

1 Teresa Tacchi 

2 Anna Gereta   

3 Eva Degelman (Nemeth), 

4 Eunice Turton (Senio)   

5 Dani Sobkowicz (McMurren) 

17 Robert Humniski  

18 Hanko 

(unsure of last name)       

19 Dan (Danny) McGibney

20 Ed Gobeil 

6 Shelley Danylo (Andrews)   

7 Helen Miga (Oleschuk)   

8 Chris Lechocki (van Lieshout)  

9 Evelyn Lall (Hofer) 

10 Salvina Lao (Colavitto) 

13 Sonia Yakymyshyn (Wriedt),

14 Andrea Kapkey    

15 Rosemary Schroeder (Obirek) 

16 Paul Safonous   

Not on formal photo, but attended reunion.

21 Helen Procner   

22 Milka Paulic (Rendulic)  

23 Jane Collins (Bergman)  

24 Graham Kinley  

25 Ian Restall 

26 Daria Bilash (Watkin)

11 Randy Kapkey   

12 Frank Unger  

Frank & Rosemary have know each other since grade 2 Machray Elementary School & St Joseph’s Parish (that is 51 years; I had to sit down on that one when I realised that).

Frank & Randy

Also known from Machray Elementary School

These are just a few pictures that were taken.  I am sure many more were taken to a point where they almost burned out their cameras.  Please send in your photos in a large file to my e-mail address as soon as possible.

Thank You

Frank Unger

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