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Winnipeg School Division 150 Celebration

The St. John's Alumni are looking for help from our alumni from around the world to create a short (30sec) video clip that may be added to a compilation video which will be shared on the WSD website on October 29, 2021 to celebrate the WSD 150th Anniversary.

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Please Help!

We are sending out the Tiger Paw signal to all Alumni!

How you can help:

On your phone create a video clip holding a poster that includes the following information:

 - your name 

 - the schools attended ex: Ralph Brown, St. John's

 - the year graduated or years attended

 - Congratulations WSD or Happy Birthday WSD

     or Happy 150th Anniversary WSD

It may include:

 - a voice message, such as:

          " Hi, my name is ______________ and I graduated in ________ [or attended                St. John’s High School from ___________to ___________. Example (1975 to 1984) ]

           Optional topic

      My favourite memory of St John’s is ___________________________.

    I want to congratulate the Winnipeg School Division on the 150th anniversary."

 - a background scene of your place of work or a landmark of where you live 


The video clip is to be sent to

Also please send your video clip to 

The deadline for the video clip is June 30, 2021

If you would be willing to be interviewed for the Celebration project please contact Noel Smith at Tec Voc at 204-786-1401

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