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Alumni Basketball Games

Provincial Champs Play Again

Alumni vs Varsity Boys

Alumni - Coach Daryl Stevenson, Jackie Presley, Adrianna Jedynak, Kim Lowe, Becky Chartrand, Lisa Schaefer, Heather Lowe, Kari Woodall, Flor-rita Padilla, Agnes Jedynak, Jackie Pierson, Taryn Votour, Monette Calixto and Coach Pat Graham 

(Apologies as I didn't have married names to include.)

Current - Varsity Girls and Coach Kelsy Solarchuk

Alumni - Arnie Calixto, Gilbert Ramilo, Jeff Hernandez, Jason Coutu, Martin Tauber, Curtis Williamson, Garnet Desjarlais, Jesse, Gates, Chris Campbell, Patrick Cleodoro, Tyler Stewart, Nick Ortynski, Martin Genaille

Current - Varsity Boys and Coaches Adam Masi & Ian Harrysingh

On Friday, April 15, 2016, St. John's hosted two alumni basketball teams playing against the current varsity teams. The bleachers were filled with players friends and families, current & alumni staff and students 

Alumni seen in the bleachers included Stacey McIvor, Jerry Kwong, Sandy (nee Cassano) Bailey, Roberta (nee Tesar) Tereck & Patricia Tesar, Eloina (nee Cleodoro) Evaristo, Darlyne Bautista, Diana Bernardo, Brandy Pilhun, Vanessa & Crystal Stewart, Leslie & Chris Macalino, Adam Wowryk, Przemyslaw Sternick, Tyler Keith, Evan & Sonia (nee Solivar) Becenko, Arlene (nee Catacutan) Talastas, Darcy Webster, Lester Clarke, Jonas Jonasson, David Porth, Chris Olynyk, Cheries Pagaduan,

Nicole Belanger, Jennifer Makwich and former staff Diane Wellwood, Allan & Ruth Stargardter.


The games were very exciting. In the girls games, the experienced players showed that they haven't lost a step (just their breath) and remembered everything Coach Stevenson and Graham drilled into them and were able to win. The boys game came down to both teams trading shots in the final seconds with the youngsters squeaking out the win. 

It was a very successful evening and there was talk of making this an annual event.

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